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    ◆用于測量CO、HC、CO2、O2、NOX濃度及 λ值、COcor、轉速、油溫、流量、壓力;
    ◆滿足新國標GB18285-2018及美國BAR-97標準研制,符合ISO3930或OIMLR99  I級精度;


    測量范圍    HC:0~10000×10-6(ppm)vol      CO:0~10×10-2(%)vol
    CO2:0~20×10-2(%)vol                    O2: 0~25×10-2(%)vol
    NOx:0~5000×10-6(ppm)vol        λ:0.50~3.00
    轉速:0-9990rpm                           油溫: 0-150℃
    示值誤差    HC±12  ×10-6(ppm)vol(絕對誤差)或±5%(相對誤差)
    CO±0.06×10-2(%)vol    (絕對誤差)或±5%(相對誤差)
    CO2 ±0.5×10-2(%)vol    (絕對誤差)或±5%(相對誤差)
    O2 ±0.1 ×10-2(%)vol    (絕對誤差)或±5%(相對誤差)
    NOx ±25 ×10-6(ppm)vol(絕對誤差)或±4%(相對誤差)
    重 復 性     重復誤差≤±2%
    穩 定 性     自動校零,量矩漂移≤±3%
    分 辨 率     HC:1×10-6(ppm)vol      CO: 0.01×10-2(%)vol
    CO2: 0.1×10-2(%)vol           O2: 0.01×10-2(%)vol
    NOx:1×10-6(ppm)vol      λ:0.01
    轉速:10rpm                       油溫:0.1℃
    響應時間     95%響應不大于10秒
    預熱時間     8min(可預熱3min應急檢測)
    輸出方式     可屏幕顯示,可打印氣體濃度最大值、平均值、最小值及車牌號、測試時間、
    環境條件     溫度-5~50℃,相對濕度≤90%
    電      源      AC100-240V 50/60Hz 或DC12V(選加電源逆變器)
    外形尺寸     420mm(長)×310mm(寬)×170mm(高)
    重      量      約9kg

    Main Features:

    The large screen liquid crystal display, ( Chinese or English ) menu;

    The use of German imports of infrared detector, O2and NOX sensor, vibration resistance, good stability, high precision;

    The measurement of CO, HC, CO2for O2, NOX, COcor, concentration and the lambda value, speed, temperature, flow, pressure;

    With the single, double idle idle, general measuring function;

    It can be measured with gasoline, LPG, CNG and alcohol as a fuel for vehicle;

    According to the new standard and the United States BAR97standards development, in line with the ISO3930or OIMLR99 I level precision;

    With the automatic zero adjustment, automatic cleaning, automatic temperature compensation, pressure compensation;

    With the HC residue measurement, traffic monitoring, gas leak check;

    The machine has self diagnostic function, fault when prompted, until the troubleshooting can continue measurement;

    With speed, temperature measurement, built-in printer or Bluetooth / RS232 interface ;

    The license plate number input and 500 groups of data storage, reference function, clock display;

    Main technical parameters:

    Measuring range:HC: 0~10000×10-6(ppm)vol,CO: 0~10×10-2(%)vol )

    CO2: 0~20×10-2(%)vol, O2: 0~25×10-2(%)vol

    NOx: 0~5000×10-6(ppm)vol,

    R.M.P: 0~9999r.m.p OIL TEMP:0~150℃

    Lambda: 0.50~3.00 COcor:0~10×10-2(%)vol

    Indicating error:HC±12×10-6(ppm)vol ( absolute error ) or±5% ( relative error )

    CO±0.06×10-2(%)vol ( absolute error ) or±5% ( relative error )

    CO2±0.5×10-2(%)vol ( absolute error ) or±5% ( relative error )

    O2±0.1×10-2(%)vol ( absolute error ) or±5% ( relative error )

    NOx±25×10-6 (ppm)vol ( absolute error ) or±4% ( relative error )

    Stability:moment drift≤±3%

    Repeatability ≤±2%

    Resolution: HC:1×10-6(ppm)vol, CO: 0.01×10-2(%)vol,CO2: 0.1×10-2(%)vol,

    O2: 0.01×10-2(%)vol, NOx: 1×10-6(ppm)vol, Lambda: 0.01,

    R.P.M:10r.p.m, OIL TEMP:0.1℃

    Response time: 95% response is not more than 10 seconds

    Preheating time: 8min ( preheating 3min emergency detection )

    Output mode:Output mode can display, print gas concentration maximum value, average value, the

    minimum value of the license plate number, test time, date, speed, temperature and COcor value of

    lambda,, can interface with computer networking

    And-use temperature: -5~50°C, Relative humidity: 90%

    Power: AC100~240V 50/60Hz or DC12V( Add power inverter)

    Power consumption: 40VA

    Dimension: 420 (L )×310(W)×170(H)mm

    Weight: 9kg


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